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10 Online Dating Tips

July 21, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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10 Online Dating Tips    

Have you ever thought of meeting people online?
If so, meeting people online can be great fun. Online
dating has given us the opportunity from our comforts
of our own home to search for that someone. Let your common
sense prevail when searching online and do not let your
instincts lessen when making your decision.
Please see the dating tips below which will make your search
safe, a lot of fun and most importantly successful.

Dating Tip #1
Most common form of introduction would be to say "Please Allow me to introduce myself". I use this one
myself, it helps to break the ice and it is polite
yet confident.
Have you ever tried to introduce yourself in a night
club or a bar? I am sure you have. Do you say "Hi my
name is"... my telephone number and my address is such
and such...No I thought not. When you introduce
yourself on http://Iwantudating.com ,please use common sense
and do not reveal any personal details about yourself.
This is one great thing about online dating. Take as much time
as you need in getting to know someone before being comfortable
enough in revealing all there is to know about you.
So make sure you are not pressured.

Dating Tip #2
Do not lie about yourself on your profile. People will
eventually find out you are having them on.

Dating Tip #3

Do take the time to complete the entire profile on
the registration form - Any unanswered questions say
you could not be bothered or are hiding something.
Try and complete the form as much as possible to let any
potential contact know the real you.

Dating Tip #4
Have you ever heard of the phrase "Honesty is the
best policy" I am sure you have. Honesty is admired yet
dishonesty is being disrespectful. Tell the people you
are emailing your true intentions and it should be the correct
path to successful dating.
Always remember, that you must use your common sense
and judgement.  I know it is not easy to judge who you
are contacting on the other side so please assess who
you are being honest with.

Dating Tip #5
Now here is good dating advice. Add a nice photo. A photo of you.
A smiling photo. A smiling photo up close. A recent smiling
photo up close! Make sure your photos are recent
preferably less than 6 months old and that you are happy.
Members with photos are likely to get up to 9 times more replies
than members without any photo image attached to their profile.

Dating Tip #6
Do not talk or brag about your ex.
There is nothing more of a turn off for people to
hear about your previous relationships. Instead focus
on what you already have. The past is often best forgotten.

Dating Tip #7
Always try and reply to people’s messages and reply in a
reasonable amount of time, not weeks later. If you are
serious about dating, you are serious about replying.
They have taken the time to talk or write to you and they
may be really nice.

Dating Tip #8
Has it ever happened to you where you are talking to
a stranger and you are wondering what they look like?
Our brains tend to create an image in our mind of
what someone might look like. It is only our natural
instinct to do so. If you ever meet or met the person
they did not look anything like you had in your mind?
Am I right? Of Course.
Unfortunately none of us are psychic so I suggest
you ask for a picture and you can feel more
comfortable with whom you are emailing.

Dating Tip #9
Always and I mean always meet your date in a mutual
place during the day which both of you are
comfortable with. Always advise a friend or a relative
of where you are going and leave a contact number. Do
not leave any Drinks unattended. Unfortunately and it
must be said that we live in cruel and sick world.
Please if you have an alcoholic drink then please
drink moderately.

 Dating Tip #10

Be Realistic. Most fairytale stories do not have a
happy ending. If they sound perfect fit , it does not
necessarily mean send the wedding Invitations out yet.
If this date does not work out do not worry it
will not be your last first date. If it does not
lead to a next date then pack your bags and move on to
the next potential candidate on your list. Do not be put off.

Remember there are plenty of fish in the Sea. So make sure
you choose wisely.

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