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13 Recommendations to Prevent Cancer According to Experts

October 09, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

13 steps to prevent cancer

According to experts, one of every three cancer deaths can be prevented, and they give 13 steps you can take to protect yourself.

Research published in Australia says that 90% of all preventable cases of cancer are caused by 13 identified risk factors, of which, not surprisingly, smoking is considered the riskiest.

The study analyzed 37,000 cancer cases in Australia in one year and gives recommendations.

The recommendations seem to be:

  1. Quit smoking to prevent lung cancer.
  2. Be careful with UV rays because they caused 7,220 deaths .
  3. Increase your fiber intake. Inadequate diet results in 7,089 deaths a year.
  4. Added to the fiber, experts recommend two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables each day.
  5. Also maintain a diet low in red meat to prevent bowel cancer.
  6. Exercise to fight overweight and obesity.
  7. Vaccination for virus infections like papilloma or hepatitis can help prevent related cancer cases.
  8. Alcohol intake leads to 3,208 cancer deaths a year, so you should consider to cutting back.
  9. More exercise: Just an hour of exercise a day might have prevented more than 1,800 cases a year.
  10. Breastfeeding for 12 months, according to the study, can prevent 235 cases a year.
  11. Hormone replacement used for menopause can be a risk since it has caused 670 cases of cancer; however, it prevented 52 cases of colorectal cancer                                                                                                                               Medicines can prevent some cancers, but can increase other risks.
  12. Taking aspirin, according to the study, prevents 232 colorectal cancer cases, but it can increase the risk of stroke in some patients, so doctors cannot recommend it for cancer prevention.
  13. The same with contraceptives. They prevented about 1,440 ovarian and uterine cases of cancer last year; however, since they also carry the risk of vascular disease and stroke, experts do not recommend going on the pill.

Finally, experts tell to the Advertiser that the best strategy is to try to make “lifestyle changes”.

Australian Cancer Council chief Professor Sanchia Aranda said: "It can't be done by drinking a fruit smoothie once a week. It's not a quick fix. It's a long-term lifestyle change." adding “This is a call to action.”

The full article in The Advertiser


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