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Adult Pet Vaccinations

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Once your dog or cat has matured past one year of age, repeating the vaccinations may be required. It is becoming a hot controversy as many have mixed opinions.  Many animal research scientists have even suggested that annual adult pet vaccinations are not only unnecessary, but may actually be harmful. You’ll have to do your own research and rely on a discussion with your veterinarian.  Aside from a vet, there’s wealth of information on this topic on the internet you’ll want to absorb before you make your choice.

Some questions to ponder in the debate:

  • Shouldn’t vaccinations for puppies and kittens provide a lifetime of immunity just like human vaccinations do?
  • There has been an increase in unexplained tumors, cancers, bleeding disorders, seizures, bone and joint pains well as other unexplained medical conditions.  Why has vaccination been linked to these ailments?
  • Are pets infected with minor skin or ear irritations at a higher risk when vaccinated?  What are these risks?
  • What are the other risks reported as a result of regular adult vaccinations?
  • Does regular, repeated vaccinating confuse the pet’s immune system instead of supporting it?
  • Are the vaccination doses adjusted to the size of the animal?

Do your research online about vaccinating adult pets to find out the pros and cons. Spurring this whole debate has been an increase in pet diseases with no known cause. These symptoms and diseases are commonly being attributed to over-vaccinating or “vaccinosis”. You might also ask for two vets’ opinions on the subject and compare them if over-vaccinating your pet is a concern for you.  Be sure to ask all your friends who are pet lovers for their opinion.

But please remember, even if you no longer vaccinate your pet annually, adult pets still need to visit the vet for yearly physical examinations and routine check-ups that keep your pet’s health in tip-top shape.

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