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Marty McFly & Doc in Real 2015 Tv + 5 Back to the Future Gadgets that Became Real

October 20, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

marty mcfly doc

It seemed like a date so far in the future when we sat in the movie theater, but we have reached October 2015 -- the date of the future scenes in the 1989 blockbuster “Back to the Future II”.

BTW McFly & Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live, did you see it?

Now we can compare the movie with reality to see if the predictions and gadgets actually came true.

Fingerprint recognition

This technology is available and, if not yet in your house, there are some hotels that already use it. The fingerprint technology is spreading these days, especially to ID security systems that include iPhones, and as it is getting cheaper it is becoming more common.

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Video calls

In the 2015 of the movie, we can see a couple of Video calls on the big screens, something that we can normally do with even a better quality, using Skype and a big flat monitor.

This takes us to the next real gadget these days, flat-screen  TVs .

The movie shows wide screens that are very similar to the  LED TVs that we have everywhere today.

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No hands Video games

In the movie, it is implied that hands-free video games are common among young boys in 2015. That’s true: in 2010 the  Xbox Kinect where “you are the controller” was launched.


When in the future, Marty is asked to sign a petition to save the clock tower. A Hill Valley citizen is holding a device that looks like an  iPad or tablet.

In the real 2015, around 233 million of f tablets are expected to be sold.

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3D Obsession

Even if we don’t have 3D billboards in the streets, 3D films are a reality. At the same time 3D Technology is among us in many ways, considering that this days we are even able to get a 3D TV or a 3D printer.

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Unfortunately many other predictions did not become real:


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