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Backup Devices

May 16, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Data backup involves saving and storing files from your computer to another location.  Without consistent backups, important data on your computer’s hard drive is at constant risk of failure, and far too many computer users and business owners learn that the hard way!  For both home and business users, loss of data can be a devastating, time consuming, and even costly problem that can be easily avoided by implementing a backup strategy.

Backing up your data is easy to do and can provide peace-of-mind for all users.  While data backup may be time consuming, it is minimal to the amount of time you will spend recreating data if it is lost completely.  For businesses, lost data means lost money and that is something that no organization likes.

The amount of data you will be backing up will determine the backup device that is best for you.  You should also consider the computer equipment you own and how much time and money you’re prepared to devote to backups.  Many backup devices come with software to aid in the backup process.

Floppy disk drives of the past have become almost obsolete.  See the next page for the five major backup systems in use today.

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