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Best Sugar Skull Tutorial Videos on the Internet

October 29, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy


Halloween is here and one of the most popular costumes during the last few years has been the “Mexican Sugar Skull.” We will show you the best sugar skull tutorials we could find on the Internet, so get your makeup kit ready and check out some of these great ideas – then try making your own creation.

The Beautiful Death

Michelle Phan shows us how to create this beautiful and “romantic” sugar skull:


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Looking for a darker look? Kat Sketch made this Blood Red Catrina type:


Free sugar skull make up:


Maybe you want to try a winterized version. As you have probably heard “winter is coming”:

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But this makeup is not only for women: Check out this Catrin-style Male Sugar Skull Makeup tutorial:

If you want to do it like a pro, MAC cosmetics do it this way:

More Halloween Ideas

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