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Convertible Tents

July 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Unfortunately, many manufacturers like to group three season tents with convertible tents, hoping to attract attention. Still, a convertible tent has its differences. Not only are convertible tents a bit heavier than a three season tent, but they are also more susceptible to rigorous weather conditions. A convertible tent is generally a bridge between summer and early winter. Many of us love to go camping, but we tend to avoid the colder months, which require a sturdier piece of equipment. If you are the type of person who dabbles in camping, this is a wonderful alternative. Even if you are ready to brave the cold, a convertible tent is still an option. Nevertheless, you need to realize that it may not be able to hold large amounts of snow.

In most cases, a convertible tent can be used in an array of situations. From a four season tent to a three season tent – if you are only using it every now and then, it is feasible. A convertible tent generally has heavier frames and also includes interior panels that can be left closed during the cold months. It also has a netted screen, which undoubtedly keeps insects from piling in. Seeing as it is easily convertible, additional windows and rain flies can be removed or supplemented. Are you a picky camper? This is the perfect option for you.

Despite the fact that there are dozens of different tents, it is possible to find the right one. By doing research, consulting with your local camping store, and asking references for their own opinions – you will easily be able to purchase a great piece of gear.

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