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Do You Miss World of Warcraft on Android? Try Forsaken World Mobile

August 04, 2015

Forsaken World Mobile

Who would not occasionally want to become a hero who is known worldwide? Now you can with the new MMORPG game, Forsaken World Mobile which was at one time very popular on the PC. Enter into a world full of magic, spells and a variety of monsters that are waiting only for your mighty sword to be killed.

Great news is that Forsaken World Mobile remains faithful to the classic trends of traditional MMORPG. As a result you get the opportunity to create your own character and customize it exactly to your own image. Various quests are waiting for you in that world, these must be completed to develop and grow your hero. If you like challenges, nice graphics and playing with other people online, Forsaken World Mobile is waiting just for you. The game is available for free from the Google Play store. The Only small unpleasant thing is the micro transactions that are everywhere. However, for comfortable playing the payments are not a necessity.

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