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Flea Control

August 07, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep the great outdoors from coming in on your pets.  That’s especially true for fleas and other external parasites like mites and ticks that jump off the grass outside and into your pet’s hair where they continue to live. The itching, hair loss, skin diseases and finally anemia or even tapeworms can make your pet miserable and cause a cyclical infestation in your home.  

Here how to fight the war on fleas.   
First, you need to know that fleas proliferate when the temperature reaches 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and a similar percent humidity. So be on the lookout as the weather warms up!  Print this handy checklist, tape it to the fridge and repeat these steps, checking off each (some daily, some weekly) until the fleas are gone.  Remember diligence is your best weapon because complete flea control means disrupting the life-cycle of the flea and killing the eggs and adults. And, the first time you do all these things they need to be done all in the same day for a total battle against the bugs!
  • Comb your pet every day picking off and killing any fleas you find.
  • Apply a residual product to your lawn and garden.
  • Treat your pet, following package directions with a “quick-kill” pet flea control and repellant like a flea collar.
  • Use an insect growth regulator (IGR) spray for indoor surfaces, which renders female fleas unable to produce eggs.
  • Give your pet a weekly flea bath.
  • Treat every animal in the home.
  • Vacuum and launder all cloth surfaces regularly then re-spray IGR until the pests are gone.
  • Keep your pet healthy because healthier pets repel flea infestations.
Make sure you are aware that the chemicals in all these products are dangerous and potentially harmful to your pet and other animals and even humans if not used properly. These products are designed differently for dogs and cats as well as for the pets’ weight and age, so never give one pet’s dosage to another pet. Cats can be especially sensitive to side effects of these products. Be sure to read the label and follow all directions exactly for the safety of your pets.  

Go online to browse and learn about all the newest less-toxic, herbal solutions to flea and tick control as well as internal supplements, like Garlic and Vitamin B1 (also called Thiamine) your dog or cat can take to chase the fleas away from the inside out. Online is the best place to read about and compare the pros and cons of these solutions as well as all the other usual powders, shampoos, dips, creams & lotions and oils usually available in pet stores.

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