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Four Season Tents

July 29, 2008  |  Difficulty: Easy

Four season tents, often referred to as expedition or mountaineering tents, are normally for extreme campers. Not only is it designed to provide shelter in the coldest weather, but it can be used during any time of the year. Seeing as it is primarily used to keep you warm while fighting the wind and snow, most would prefer to use this type of tent in the winter months.

So what makes a four season tent much different than a three season one? First and foremost, they are built with an extra pole to strengthen their outer walls. This is great for when it is snowing or too windy. In addition, they also are made from a round dome design. For instance, if an abundance of snow was weighing the tent down, this sort of design would easily allow it to slide off. No matter where you are camping, chances are likely that four season tents can brave the weather. After all, they are designed to withstand the worst conditions.

Astonishingly, four season tents can also be used in the warmer weather. Given the fact that they are well ventilated, it is easy to feel cool. Still, the extra poles make the tent excessively heavy. For most, this is a common problem, as it is difficult to carry around. Nevertheless, four season tents are wonderful purchases. The weather is always unpredictable, thus you can never be so sure when a storm is going to strike. Since four season tents can be used in almost every type of weather, it is recommended that you try this one.

The design of four season tents is pretty similar to three season tents in most cases. Both come with vestibules and inside pockets for your storage needs. They also have one or more doors and windows for easy access and tent ventilation. Most four season tents are made out of strong, protective-coated materials that are ideal for keeping out the water, wind and snow.

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