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How Can I Play Free Online Games

October 05, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How to find free online games; you could take some time off

Sometimes, computer users need a short break. If you are working with your computer on a project all day you may start to feel tired. Mental work can be as exhausting as manual work, but obviously in a different way. So take some time off, have fun for a while, go for a short walk or just relax by playing a free online game. There are many free online games to play; the instructions below will show you how to find some of these games. You can be sure you will find at least one to suit your taste, help you relax, unwind, and eventually get back on track.


  1. First, open your Internet browser. Go to the Crawler products page.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click on the “Games” icon.
  3. All the games are displayed and listed in the web pages.
  4. To play one, click on the “PLAY” button.
  5. Relax, play online, and enjoy your game!

Tips and tricks:

  • To see the popularity of the game, check the rating stars under the name of each game.
  • If you find the online game fun or interesting, you can share it with someone by clicking on the “Send to a friend” link.


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