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How Do I Add a Line or Column in Microsoft Excel®

October 03, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How to insert a new line, row, or column between ones that already exist

Microsoft Excel® is one of the most popular commercial spreadsheet programs. There are a wide range of useful functions and features that people use every day to facilitate and make their work more efficient. A helpful function is inserting a new line, row, or column between ones that already exist. It is a very simple keystroke, have a look below at how it actually works using Microsoft Excel® 2010.


  1. Start the Microsoft Excel® 2010 application.
  2. Open the spreadsheet you want or create a new one.
  3. Mark the column, row, or line behind where you want to add a new one.
  4. Press a combination of the keys “Ctrl” and “+” or right-click on the line or column and choose the “Insert” option.
  5. The new line or column will be added to your table.


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