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How Do I Back Up Safari® History on a Mac®

June 26, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to Back Up Safari® History

If you want to reinstall your Mac® operating system, you’ll probably want to save your browsing history too. It’s very handy and you can keep your visited sites in the newly cleared system. On Mac® computers, it is really simple to do; you just need to copy one file on any external drive and then put it back on the cleared system. The instructions below describe which file it is and where you can find it.

Safari® history file location:

  1. Select "Macintosh HD", click "Users".
  2. Double-click your user name.
  3. Double-click "Library".
  4. Click the "Safari" folder.
  5. The "History.plist" is the Safari® history of documents, back up it.


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