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How Do I Boot My Computer From a Bootable CD or DVD

October 03, 2011  |  Difficulty: Medium

How to boot computer from an optical CD or DVD drive or removable device

Booting from an optical drive or removable device is usually done when a user needs to reinstall an operating system or launch an application before his or her operating system is launched, for example, recovery discs or repair utilities. All booting settings are stored in your BIOS memory and a user’s choices are dependent on those settings. For the purpose of this article, suppose your BIOS is set to a factory state where CD/DVD booting is enabled by default.


  1. Insert the bootable CD or DVD into your optical drive.
  2. Restart your computer.
    (If you are fast, you can switch these first two steps and first do a restart and then quickly insert the media, but it must be done before the BIOS is launched).
  3. Take notice of your screen, when the BIOS gets to the boot section and displays the message “Press any key on keyboard to boot from CD” then press any key.
  4. The boot will be initialized from the optical drive.

Tips and tricks:

  • A very similar process will be used for USB booting.
  • If you change any BIOS items by accident, choose the “Restore system/factory/safe default settings” item in the main menu. 


  • Do not change items in the BIOS if you don’t know what they mean.

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