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How Do I Change My Profile Picture on Facebook®

February 03, 2014  |  Difficulty: Easy

profile picture on Facebook®.

Your Facebook® profile picture is the image used to identify yourself on Facebook®. It may be seen when someone is searching for you or when you make posts. As with anything posted online, be aware that your photograph could be misused or misunderstood so it’s best to make your selection wisely.

The Facebook® profile photo will be added to your Timeline and will appear in your Profile Pictures album. A thumbnail version of the photo automatically will appear next to your name whenever you make a post on Facebook®. Everyone will be able to see your profile picture if you don’t change its default setting, which can be done simply by clicking on the Earth icon listed under your name when the photo is opened.

Learn how you can update your profile picture by following the instructions listed below.

Changing a Profile Picture on Facebook®:

  1. Launch your Internet Browser and log in to your Facebook® account.
  2. Click on your name on the right side of the top navigation bar.
  3. Hoover the mouse over your profile picture and click on the “Edit Profile Picture”.
  4. Now you can choose from two options to add a new photo:
    - Take Photo: You can take an actual image from your webcam.
    - Upload Photo: You can upload an image from your computer.
  5. To use a webcam image, consult your webcam manual. To upload an image from the computer, locate the image file on your hard drive and click on the “Open” button.
  6. Click on the “Okay” button to confirm the change.
  7. Your new picture will be added as your Profile Picture.

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