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How Do I Choose a Good Gaming Mouse

January 10, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

choosing a good gaming mouse

Quality input devices can facilitate your work or enjoyment on a computer; this especially applies to the mouse and keyboard. A specific group of users have a very specific demand for these devices; gamers. There are many types of mice available on the market so it could be quite difficult to choose a good one. This article will help you with your choice by specifying the general requirements on a gaming mouse. Through the list below you can learn what you should focus on when choosing a good gaming mouse, especially if you are not sure of what you need or if you are buying the mouse as a gift.

General requirements of a gaming mouse:

  1. Shape – First you must select a mouse for your hand; left or right. Mice with a universal shape aren’t good for gamers… gamers prefer a mouse that fits easily in their hand so they can spend hours comfortably using it. It is recommended that you to go to a shop and handle the mice yourself to ensure you choose the right shape.
  2. Size – The second most important thing is connected with the shape. The size has an importance equal to the shape. Some prefer a bigger mouse and some prefer smaller… everyone has a different hand and  grip size.
  3. Sensor – The good gaming mouse must have a quality sensor with the possibility of changing the sensitivity. The best lasers have an optical sensor with at least 1600 DPI.
  4. Buttons – For some games, buttons are the most important feature. It is good if the mouse has 5 or more buttons. The buttons are typically programmable so the gamer can set a different function for each of them.
  5. Weight – Everyone prefers a different weight for their mouse, but a good gaming mouse offers the ability to change its weight using small metal weights.
  6. Feet – Low friction feet would be useful for gamers that are not using a mouse pad.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Another thing you should keep in mind is the good software tools available for mouse configuration.
  • Remember that almost every gamer prefers a mouse with a wire, because these provide a faster response than the wireless ones.
  • A very useful feature for some gamers, is a 2- or 4-way scrolling wheel.

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