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How Do I Choose the Best Antivirus

January 10, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

security software programs on the market today

There are many security software programs on the market today providing various levels of antivirus protection. They usually contain additional tools and components as well, such as antispyware, file protection, a real-time shield, etc. It can be difficult to choose the best application for your needs as each one has its own strengths and price points, although free versions are also available. Listed below are some of the popular antivirus software available on the market, showing their pros and cons to help you choose the best antivirus security software for your needs.

Antivirus solutions:

  1. Spyware Terminator 2012


    -          Integrated spyware and malware protection

    -          Many powerful system tools

    -          Daily updates

    -          Free specialized support for different components

    -          Scheduled scans

    -          License for three computers


    -          Antivirus is an additional purchased component

    -          Doesn’t support Windows® 98, Windows ME®, Windows® 2000 and Windows XP®                64-bit, Mac OS® and Linux®

    -          The scanning option is not detailed

  2. AVG® Antivirus 2012


    -          Recovery CD

    -          Fast scan

    -          Daily updates

    -          Online shield – social network protection

    -          Game mode


    -          Phishing and exploit protection not very effective

    -          Support is offered only by live chat and email

    -          Missing online shopping and banking protection

    -          Doesn’t support Mac OS9® and Linux®

  3. BitDefender® Antivirus Plus 2012


    -          Facebook® protection

    -          Guard your instant messaging conversations

    -          Free email, chat, phone, and forum support

    -          Online shield – social network protection

    -          AutoPilot mode offers silent security


    -          Only disables rootkits instead of removing them

    -          Site-reputation search advice is missing for many links

    -          Very large installation

  4. Norton®  Antivirus 2012


    -          Powerful antivirus protection and malware cleanup

    -          Firewall Protection

    -          New startup manager


    -          SONAR detection may erroneously block very obscure and rarely used utilities

    -          Slows down computer and Internet connection

    -          No free version available

  5. McAfee®  Antivirus Plus 2012


    -          Handles malware that interferes with installation

    -          SiteAdvisor® marks up search results

    -          Firewall protection

    -          Bonus tools


    -          Poor clean up of malware, especially rootkits

    -          SiteAdvisor® is less effective against phishing sites

    -          Doesn’t support versions older than Windows XP®

  6. Kaspersky® Antivirus 2012


    -          Constantly scans web pages you visit and disables links that lead to malicious websites

    -          Free email, phone and chat support from the Kaspersky® tech team

    -          Powerful and intelligent firewall

    -          Parental control is impressive


    -          High resource consummation

    -          Anti-phishing can't beat Internet Explorer®

    -          Safe Run for file is missing in 64 bit machines

    -          Gaming mode is not user friendly

  7. VIPRE® Antivirus 2012


    -          Doesn't limit the number of users

    -          Excellent anti-spam accuracy

    -          Effective at blocking malware

    -          Low resource consummation


    -          Poor at rootkit removal

    -          Anti-phishing is not accurate

    -          Firewall's powerful features are disabled by default; when enabled, they cause confusing            popups


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