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How Do I Choose the Best System Optimizer

January 11, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

Choose the best optimizer to speed up your system, and satisfy your needs for a faster computer.

System optimizers are very popular applications for people who want to keep their computer at peak performance, have a clean system registry, get rid of unnecessary files, speed up their startup time and have the maximum amount of memory available. There are many applications that provide these functions automatically or on demand. They usually need to be purchased. Below is a list of some popular applications considered to be stable and effective. Also listed are the key features of each application to help you choose the best optimizer to speed up your system, and satisfy your needs for a faster computer.   

Top System Optimizers:

  1. PCRx Registry Cleaner – home page

    - Free up disk and memory space

    - Speed up system performance

    - Fix system errors and crashes

    - Quickly clean and repair registry

    - Improve Internet access

    - Boost startup speed

    - Fix unstable browser add-ons

    - Postpone applications’ startup

    - Backs up and restores registry

    - Remove junk, temp, duplicate and obsolete files

    - Price $39.95

  2. Ashampoo® Registry Cleaner – home page

    - Simple, intuitive user interface

    - Optimized search algorithms

    - Fully-automatic removal of redundant entries

    - Repair of faulty links and damaged entries

    - Search for registry entries that might invade the user’s privacy

    - Real-time backup

    - Price $14.99

  3. ARO® 2011– home page

    - Faster system speeds

    - Improved system response time

    - Smooth system operation

    - Fewer error messages

    - An optimized registry

    - A more stable system

    - Backup and Undo functionality for any change made

    - Price $29.95

  4. PC Tools® Registry Mechanic – home page

    - Clearly displays optimizations

    - Fixes errors and cleans system clutter

    - Includes built-in performance presets

    - Keeps PC and online activities private

    - Enables you to permanently erase deleted files

    - Free support

    - Optimize Windows® operating system

    - Price $29.99

  5. RegistryBooster© 2012 – home page

    home page

    - Optimizes overall performance

    - Speeds up start-up process

    - Reduces likelihood of conflicts

    - Free SystemTweaker

    - Indicates Registry Severity

    - Price $29.95


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