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How Do I Close iPhone® Apps Running in the Background

March 25, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

stop background apps in just a few seconds

Smartphones run many applications in the background. This process is called multitasking or multiprocessing, referring to the multiple applications run by the cell phone – some necessary while others go unnoticed. An example of a background running app is a GPS module, which will pop up the application immediately when engaged by the user. The problem is that these types of applications use up battery energy and take up valuable memory.

iPhone® users can stop background apps in just a few seconds. Any user can take advantage of this simple solution, which is described below for closing out background apps. This simple process will dramatically speed up the iPhone® and extend the time it will run on a single charge.

Closing background apps on iPhone®:

  1. Press the Home button two times quickly to access the multi-task bar on the iPhone®.
  2. Four running apps are shown on the bar, if you scroll to the right, you will see all apps that are currently open.
  3. Press down on one of the apps until a red circle with a minus sign appears on each item.
  4. Tap the minus sign next to each application you want to close.
  5. Press the Home button to return to the main screen.

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