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How Do I Completely Close Metro Apps in Windows® 8

October 08, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to completely close the Metro app

The Metro interface is familiar to those who have used Windows Phone℠ 7 and higher versions. When it appeared in the Microsoft Windows® 8 operating system, many PC and laptop users were confused since the system is controlled through the use of tiles.

If the Metro application is not being used, many users prefer to have it hibernate in the background. This means that they close the Metro application properly but it is still on in the background. It is placed in a kind of “standby mode” prepared to be launched again. Hibernating can save you time if you plan on re-launching the app frequently. But, if you’re not sure when you will use it again, you may want to close it completely.  In this article, you will learn two simple and fast ways on how you can completely close the Metro app.

Closing a Metro App in Windows® 8:

  1. Shortcut
    The shortcut is the same as in older Windows® versions, just press the “Alt + F4” buttons simultaneously on your keyboard to close the application.
  2. Drag it down
    Move your mouse cursor on the top of the screen (the cursor changes to a hand symbol), right-click and hold the button down as you drag it down to the bottom of the screen and then let go to close it.


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