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How Do I Control My Internet Browser Using Keyboard Shortcuts

March 26, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to use keyboard shortcuts that work in most browsers

Learning to control your Internet browser faster is a very useful technique. To quicken your workflow, you can simply learn a few keyboard shortcuts. They will also help you in situations if your mouse stops working, if you open too many tabs, etc. Using this article you will learn the functions of basic shortcuts. The following shortcuts work in most browsers, and are certainly valuable in Internet Explorer® and Mozilla® Firefox®.

Basic Internet browser shortcuts:

  1. F1 – Help
  2. F3 or Ctrl+F – Open Find panel
  3. F4 – Unroll URL box (only in IE)
  4. F5 – Refresh
  5. Ctrl+F5 – Refresh the page with containing elements (css styles, scripts, etc.)
  6. F10 – Go to the main navigation bar (menu)
  7. F11 – Browser switch to fullscreen mode
  8. Alt+Home – Go to the home page
  9. Alt+left arrow – Back
  10. Alt+right arrow – Forward
  11. Ctrl+H – Open browsing history
  12. Ctrl+D – Add opened page to the bookmarks.
  13. Ctrl+N – Open new window
  14. Ctrl+T – Open new tab
  15. Ctrl+Tab – Go to the next tab
  16. Ctrl+Shift+Tab – Go to the previous tab
  17. Ctrl+n (n number from 1 to 8) – Go to the n tab
  18. Ctrl+9 – Go to the last tab
  19. Ctrl+W – Close current tab


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