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How Do I Control Windows® Using Shortcuts

January 11, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

list of the most commonly used and well known shortcuts used in the Microsoft Windows® interface.

The Microsoft Windows® operating system is typically controlled using the mouse cursor, but sometimes it is faster to control Windows® using a keyboard; for instance, when you are typing or using keyboard shortcuts. To call upon a particular function, Windows® shortcuts are often faster than taking the time to grab the mouse, position the mouse pointer and then manually clicking on the icon or dropdown menu item. If you get used to using these Windows® shortcuts, you will reduce the number of steps it takes to accomplish a function, save time spent on the computer and increase work productivity . Below is a list of the most commonly used and well known shortcuts used in the Microsoft Windows® interface.

List of Shortcuts:

  • Alt + F4     - Close the application or open window.
  • Alt + Tab     - Switch between the applications or windows.
  • Win + Tab     - Switch between the applications or windows in 3D.
  • Ctrl + Tab     - Switch between MDI windows or tabs.
  • Ctrl + W     - Close the tab.
  • Ctrl + Tab     - Switch between tabs.           
  • Win + M     - Minimalize all applications.
  • Win + D     - Display desktop.
  • Win + L     - Lock the computer.
  • Win + E     - Open Windows Explorer® / computer.
  • Win + R     - Launch “Run”.
  • Alt + Esc     - Listing between windows
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel     - Generally for changing size of objects, e.g. in the Internet browser.
  • Alt + Space     - Open the main settings of the active window
  • Win + F     - Open Search
  • Win + Pause     - Display system properties

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