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How Do I Convert Text to HTML for Free

March 26, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to download MarkdownPad© free application

MarkdownPad© is a free application that converts any text into HTML code. The basic user interface is quite simple; it mainly consists of two windows and a main navigation bar. Type your text in one window and format it, and in the second window you can see the preview of the text in HTML format. This tool is very useful if you want to create a simple web page. Read the instructions below to learn where to download this application and how to get the HTML code of your text.

Text to HTML conversion instructions:

  1. Open your Internet browser and go to the MarkdownPad© home page.
  2. Click on the blue “Download MarkdownPad” button.
  3. Run the installation file and install the free HTML converter application.
  4. Launch MarkdownPad© and write the text you want to format into the left window.
  5. Use the ribbon icons to convert the text the way you want.
  6. Go to “File > Export HTML” and save the HTML file.
  7. The converted HTML file from your text will be created and you can upload it as a website.


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