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How Do I Create a CV in Microsoft® Word

March 26, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

how to create a curriculum vitae (CV) using the Microsoft® Word

If you are applying for a job, it is good to have a decent curriculum vitae (CV) prepared. This document summarizes your work experience and simply represents you. If the employer receives your CV, he gets the initial information about your attitude and seriousness for the job… and obviously your first impression matters. In this article you will not learn about the technical requirements of a proper CV. Instead, you will learn how to create a CV using the Microsoft® Word text editor. It offers an easy and handy solution for creating this type of document and uses a predefined CV template.

Writing a CV in Microsoft® Word:

  1. Open you Internet browser and go to the Microsoft® templates – Resumes and CVs site.
  2. Click on one of the categories and then click the template you like. Click on the “Download” button, accept the terms of use and click on the “Download” button again.
  3. Open the downloaded file in the Microsoft® Word application.
  4. Enter your personal data into the document. Now, save your new CV file.

Tips and Tricks:

  • It is suggested that you to export the CV document to PDF format. This format is more universal and might look better to the employer. To learn how to export a DOC file to a PDF, read the article that focuses on creating a PDF file.


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