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How Do I Create My First Microsoft Access® Database

October 04, 2011  |  Difficulty: Medium

How to start working with Microsoft Access® application and create your first database

Microsoft Access® is a user-friendly database application with a well-arranged user interface. This program has some similarities to a Microsoft Excel® table because you can consider a database as a logical arrangement of information just like a table in a spreadsheet. You define a different set of values for each column and then insert the next values into the lines. You may ask why people don’t use Microsoft Excel® instead of Microsoft Access®. The answer is simple, an Excel® sheet isn’t a database file and other programs cannot use it as a database source. Simply put, every database software has its requisites, for instance, an “ID” to make every record unique and identifiable. You can read below to find out how to start your first database.


  1. Start the Microsoft Access® software and create a new “Blank database.” In the right pane, write a file name and path (the default name is “Database1.accdb” and the file is being saved in the Documents folder).
  2. Now you can see the table and the columns we need to name and set to a value type. The first is set by default to “ID.” This value must be unique because it identifies the line.
  3. Click the “Click to Add” dropdown menu and choose the type of values for this column (e.g., Text).
  4. Now, insert the name of the column (e.g., First Name).
  5. Continue with defining the columns the same way in Steps 3 and 4.
  6. Fill the lines with data. Every new line will have “ID = (NEW).”
  7. When you finish with inserting the data, save the table by pressing the “CTRL” + “S” keys and name it.
  8. Close the table by clicking on the “x” in the top-right corner of the table.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To delete an existing column, right-click on its name and choose the “Delete field” option.
  • To file records by value in any column, click on the dropdown arrow in the name of the column and set the file.


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