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How Do I Create a Movie Presentation

January 10, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to create a movie presentation in the Google® Picasa® picture application.

Today, people commonly take photos using digital cameras. Then, they may share them on the Internet or present them to relatives through their computer. Typically, they may gather a whole family around one laptop and have someone click the “next” button until they have shown all the pictures. However, a more sophisticated way exists. In the Google® Picasa® picture application you can create a movie presentation of your photos and add comments or music. Then, you can burn and play the movie on computers, DVD players, game consoles, etc. In addition, you can share the movie and incorporate comments, so users can see it without your participation and can access complete information about the event. To learn how to create a movie presentation like this, follow the instructions below. 

Creating a presentation:

  1. Launch the Google® Picasa® application. To learn how to install Picasa®, follow the instructions in the article that focuses on getting free photo editing software.
  2. In the left pane, choose the album with the photos you desire.
  3. In the main window you can see the photos in the folder. Click on the “Create Movie Presentation” button above the pictures.
  4. You can switch to the “Movie Maker” tab. In the bottom pane you can see all of the images in the movie, and you can switch between all the images and set them up.
  5. In the left option bar you have three tabs:
    1. Movie tab
    – Here you can set the Audio Track by clicking on the “Load” button and browse for the audio file, then set the Transition Style and Dimensions of the movie.
    2. Slide tab
    – In this tab you should set parameters for every slide in the movie, the same way you would in a text editor. Choose the font, size, style, text color, template and the text displayed in the slide.
    3. Clips tab
    – here you can add images to the movie. Click on the “Get More” button and then double-click on the image.
  6. When you specify the parameters for all of the slides, click on the “Create Movie” button.
  7. In the lower right corner you can see the rendering progress and when it has finished. Congratulations! You have created a presentation of your pictures!

Tips and Tricks:

  • If you want to upload the image on YouTube®, click on the “Upload to YouTube” button after Picasa® finishes rendering.
  • If you want to locate the movie file it will be saved in the “My Pictures\Picasa\Movies” folder.

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