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How Do I Create My Own Widget for Android Home Screen

July 13, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

create your own widget for Android

The Android platform probably offers us the most customizable features and we are offered many applications that enables us to completely change the look of the Android interface. The most interesting and “cool” thing is that this possibility is available on almost all devices with an Android operating system, regardless of the manufacturer or hardware brand. The Android Market offers us thousands of applications for weather, time, battery, etc. widgets. In addition we can create our own widgets by special applications available on the store. If you are interested in making your own widget see the list below.

List of Free Widget Creators and Editors for Android®:

  1. Ultimate custom widget (UCCW)
  2. Buzz Widget
  3. Minimalistic Text: Widgets
  4. Zooper Widgets
  5. Glass Widget

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