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How Do I Create a Shortcut to “Safely Remove Hardware”

March 18, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

 create a “Safely Remove Hardware” shortcut

It is generally known that removing a flash drive or any other USB hardware from your computer can cause data loss. This is particularly true if write caching is enabled, which is why by default, it is disabled for USB devices unless the NTFS format is used.  

To prevent data loss or corruption, it is best to use the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon. It is often hidden in the notification area and finding it can be a nuisance. If you use the feature frequently, you might want to create a “Safely Remove Hardware” shortcut, which will remove the device from a system with just one double-click. The instructions below explain.

Creating a “Safely Remove Hardware” Shortcut:

  1. Right-click an empty place on the desktop and choose “New” from the menu.
  2. Select “Shortcut”.
  3. For the location enter: %windir%\System32\control.exe hotplug.dll”.
  4. Click on the “Next” button, choose an appropriate name for the shortcut, and click on the “Finish” button.
  5. Place the shortcut wherever it is convenient for you to access it quickly.

 Tips and Tricks:

  • Read the instructions on how to optimize USB drive performance in Windows® 7 to make copying files to your USB drives go a little faster.

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