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How Do I Create a Strong Password

October 03, 2011  |  Difficulty: Medium

How Do I Create a Strong Password

We hear about stolen passwords and the breaking of passwords almost daily. More and more companies and institutions focus on data security as a priority. Generally, you can separate passwords into two categories. One category for passwords used for protecting personal and financial information and a second for entertainment and non-critical information. This article will focus on passwords from the first group. These passwords should be stronger and more secure, and you will learn what features make a good password.


  1. Usually, the first requirement to creating a password is its length. Making it longer than 6 characters is sufficient but making it too long is not really necessary.
  2. Make the password easy to remember, but do not use words that can be easily found like your name, surname, address, name of a child, birth date, etc. Try to find a word or phrase without any personal connection to you, don’t worry that you will not remember it.
  3. Using a combination of all the characters available on your keyboard, such as lower case letters, capital letters, numbers and symbols will make the password stronger.
  4. Now apply the first three points to create a safe password. Take a look at this example:
    The first two points mentioned length, an easy to remember word, and no generally known personal information. The word could be “Fishing” which could be one of your hobbies.
    Now substitute letters in this word with other characters that have some semblance to the letters being replaced so the result could look like “f1$h1N6” where a capital letter (N) was used, along with lower case letters (f, h), numbers (1, 6) and a symbol ($).
  5. The result is the creation of a strong, safe password for your protection. It isn’t such a difficult thing to do.

Tips and tricks:

  • You can check the strength of your password on websites such as Passwordmeter.
  • To better remember your password, you can make your own rules for it. For example, never start with a capital letter, but make the last character a capital letter. Substitute all possible letters with numbers, and use only one symbol.


  • Never share your password with someone and never write it down on a paper that can be seen by others.

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