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How Do I Create a Wi-Fi Shortcut on Android™

February 07, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

creating a Wi-Fi shortcut on your Android™

Almost every smartphone nowadays has a Wi-Fi network card integrated into it, allowing users to connect to the Internet wherever there is a free wireless network. Smartphones, like Android™, are constantly monitoring for these Internet connections, which can drain your phone’s energy.

To avoid continually recharging your Android™, an easier and faster solution is to create a Wi-Fi shortcut on your device’s home screen. Learn how you can turn on and off your wireless connection with just a tap of an icon by creating a Wi-Fi shortcut on your Android™ in four easy steps.

Creating a Wi-Fi Shortcut:

  1. Tap the empty or blank space on your home screen. If you are using a Sony® Ericsson® Android™ phone, then press option key.
  2. Tap the “widget” or “add widget” option depending upon the phone you are using.
  3. Tap the “Power Control” option from the widget list on your Android™ phone.
  4. You will see a power control widget, tap the “Wi-Fi icon” to switch on or switch off the Wi-Fi on your Android™ phone.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Some smartphones offer an option to disable or enable a wireless network by any shortcut or hardware button. Be sure to check your user’s guide and you may find an easier solution.

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