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How Do I Disable Plug-ins In Google Chrome™

January 15, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

Disable Plug-ins In Google Chrome™

Just like any other web browser, Google Chrome™ has plug-ins integrated and installed along with the browser itself. Besides native plug-ins, Google Chrome™ also may host third-party plug-ins, such as toolbars. While most of these plug-ins are required for the normal or user extended functioning of the browser, there are some which serve absolutely no purpose and may even be dangerous. They may contain spyware, adds or redirecting tools. That is why every user should check and remove unwanted plug-ins from time to time. To learn how to find and disable plug-ins, follow the instructions listed below.

Removing Plug-ins from Google Chrome™:

  1. Launch the Google Chrome™ Internet browser.
  2. In the “URL box”, write “Chrome://plugins” and press enter.
  3. You will see all installed plug-ins and their descriptions in your Google Chrome™ browser.
  4. If you don’t want any one of these on your browser, simply click on the “Disable” link below the name of the plug-in.
  5. The plug-in name will turn grey once it becomes disabled. You can enable it whenever you want by simply following these same steps and clicking the “Enable” link.


Google Chrome™

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