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How Do I Download and Install Winamp®

April 30, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

Winamp® freeware application

Winamp® is probably the most popular multimedia software for playing audio files and listening to music. With Winamp®, you can listen to online music and radios as well as play MP3 and other audio file formats from your hard drive. It even plays video files.

Winamp® is a freeware application you can download and install quite easily. Learn how to do just that by following the instructions below.

Downloading and installing Winamp®:

  1. In your Internet browser, go to the Winamp® home page.
  2. Click on the “FREE DOWNLOAD” button. You will be redirected to the Media Players section where you should click on the “FREE DOWNLOAD” button again.
  3. Save the installation file into your hard drive and run it.
  4. Select the installer language from the dropdown menu.
  5. On the Welcome screen, click on the “Next” button.
  6. Read the license agreement and click on the “I Agree” button.
  7. Specify the installation location and click on the “Next” button.
  8. Now you can choose specific features of Winamp® you want to install.
  9. Specify icon settings and click on the “Next” button.
  10. Winamp® contains a toolbar and MP3 download extensions. If you don’t want this, uncheck the checkbox in front of the tool to skip its installation; otherwise, leave the box checked and click on the “Next” button.
  11. Another extension is “Registry Mechanic©”. Select the radio button you want installed with this software or, if you’d rather not add it, select nothing. Then, click on the “Install” button.
  12. When the installation process finishes, click on the “Finish” button. You can set the appearance of the application and finally click on the “Finish” button again.


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