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How Do I Find Good Firewall Software

January 16, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

firewalls from the large number of available software listed with their main features, some free and some not.

If you want to monitor your network connection, scan incoming and outgoing traffic and all communication attempts and requests, you must install firewall software. These applications improve the security of your system. On the other hand, there are very high demands on their functionality and protection, so firewalls usually cost money. However, some free firewalls exist. Below are firewalls from the large number of available software listed with their main features, some free and some not.

Firewall Software:

  1. Comodo® Antivirus and Firewall
    - FREE Firewall
    - Defends your PC from Internet attacks
    - Controls what files run on your PC
    - Prevents malware from being installed
    - Auto Sandbox Technology©
    - Cloud based Behavior Analysis
    - Cloud based Behavior Whitelisting
    - Award winning & highly rated firewall
  2. Panda® Firewall - Global Protection 2012
    - Price - $71.99
    - Secure remote access
    File encryption
    - Home network management
    - Redesigned new version
    - Filters network traffic
    - Monitors your Internet connections
    - Web traffic scanning
    - Simple configuration
    - Supports packet filtering
    - Firewall with Trojan protection
  3. ZoneAlarm® PRO Firewall 2012
    - Price - $29.95
    - File size: 47 MB
    - License can be used on up to three PCs
    - Free version upgrades
    - Two-way firewall
    - Wireless PC protection
    - Multi-layered security for your PC
    - Quarantine suspicious attachments
    - Compatible with anti-virus software
    - Complete Package
  4. PC Tools® Firewall Plus Free Edition
    - FREE firewall
    - Very easy to use
    - Takes up very few resources
    - Excellent HIPS
    - Easy-to-use user interface
    - Easy to install
    Password lock
    - Supports many languages
  5. F-Secure® Internet Security 2012
    - Price - $49.95
    - Reputation-based detection
    - Tells you which websites are safe in real-time
    - Includes a web surfing time lock for children
    - Detects and removes rootkits
    - Prevents malicious dialer programs from using your connection
  6. Online-Armor© Free
    - FREE firewall
    - Kernel Mode Security
    - Manual Updates
    - Web Shield
    - Execution Protection
    - Termination Protection
    - Limited Autostart Protection
    - Standard Mode Firewall
    - Standard Mode
    - Keylogger Detection
    - Script/Worm protection
    - Program Guard


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