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How Do I Find My Windows® License Key

April 18, 2013  |  Difficulty: Medium

 find your product or license key for the Windows® operating system.

Since Microsoft Windows® comes preinstalled on many computers, finding the Windows® license key when a hard drive needs to be formatted or the system reinstalled may be perplexing. There are some usual places where the license key label is placed, but if you bought Windows® separately, you may have a more difficult time finding it.

Luckily, there is a utility that will find and show you the license key. The instructions below explain how to use this utility to find your product or license key for the Windows® operating system.

Where to find the Windows® license key label:

  1. If you bought the operating system independently from the computer, the license key will be on the box of the Windows® retail package.
  2. If you own a laptop, the license is typically attached to the bottom of the laptop.
  3. On a PC, the label usually is placed on the side of the computer case.

Using the Windows® Product Key Viewer utility:

  1. Launch your Internet browser and go to the Windows® Product Key Viewer download page on the RJL software site.
  2. Click on the “Self-Extracting EXE filehyperlink and save the file on your hard drive.
  3. Launch the file and unzip it to any folder (by default it will be placed in c:\winproductkey\).
  4. Go to the folder and launch the “winproductkey.exe” file.
  5. A dialog box opens and displays your Windows® product key.


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