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How Do I Find the IP Address With IPconfig

September 20, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How Do I Find the IP Address using command function called “ipconfig”

An IP address uniquely identifies your computer on a network. It allows your network adapter to receive only data that is assigned to you. When connected to the Internet through a local network, the IP address identifies a computer in that local network, but if connected directly to the Internet the IP address is then public. If you want to find out what your IP address is, there is a simple Windows® command function called “ipconfig” that will provide the information for you.  To find your IP address, follow the instructions below.


  1. Click on “Start” and then click on “Run”. For Windows® 7 and Vista® type in “run” into the search box and press “Enter”.
  2. Type in “cmd” and press “Enter”.
  3. When the command prompt window appears, type in “ipconfig” and press “Enter”.
  4. You can read your “IP Address” under “Ethernet adapter”.

Tips and tricks:

  • In Windows® 7 and Vista®, you can type in “cmd” command into the search box in the start menu.
  • Generally IP addresses starting with "192.168," "10" or "172.16" are on a local area network.


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