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How Do I Force Someone to Unfollow Me on Twitter®

September 10, 2012  |  Difficulty: Easy

 how force someone to unfollow you on Twitter®

Twitter® is a kind of social networking service where people typically cannot control who reads their posts.  This form of online communication releases "announcements" that people can elect to read by following your posts or tweets. Twitter® is used often by celebrities and athletes to inform their fans about changes and new happenings in their professional life and sometimes even their personal one.

Twitter® account holders are informed through an elected means, such as an email alert, when someone decides to follow them on Twitter®. If you see a follower who you’d rather not have reading your tweets, you can change their status to unfollow you by completing the four steps noted below.

Change the Status of a Follower to Unfollow :

1) Find this person’s profile in your list of followers.

2) Click on the user profile dropdown menu and choose the "block user" option.

3) Click on the user profile dropdown menu and choose the "unblock user" option.

4) Now the user is not able to follow you and  is not noted in any blocked list.

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