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How Do I Get Rid of Search.us.com Home Page in Firefox®

February 13, 2014  |  Difficulty: Medium

get rid of search.us.com permanently

There are many programs or applications which change your chosen search engine or default home page in your Internet browser without you even being aware of the switch. It often happens after installing a new software product. One such culprit is search.us.com. This program is tricky. Even if you change your home page back to your original selection, it may reappear as your home page when you re-launch your Internet browser. It is a very sophisticated way to force you to use it as your search engine. But, there are ways to remove it permanently from your computer system. The instructions below explain how to get rid of search.us.com for good.

Removing the search.us.com Home Page:

There's a user.js file present in your profile folder, which is often used by adware to override your custom preferences. To delete it from your system, simply:

  1. Close the Mozilla® Firefox® Internet browser.
  2. Open “Computer / My Computer” and navigate to the location below:
    - open the “Disc C:” and then double-click on the “Users” folder.
    - find and open the folder with the same name as your user name.
    - continue finding and opening the following folders: “AppData > Roaming > Mozilla > Firefox > Profiles” and finally “wd69kojw.default”
  3. Delete “user.js” file.
  4. Launch Firefox® and reset your home page. If you don’t know how to do this, please read the article that focuses on setting a home page in an Internet browser.


The path or directory structure used to find the user.js file is unique to each computer so it will not contain the exact same words or letters as listed in the example. Specifically, the “YOUR_USERNAME” will be different as will the "wd69kojw", which is unique to your installation of Firefox®. It'll look similar, but the characters will be different.

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