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How Do I Get a Simple Media Player

September 21, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How to install Crawler Media & MP3 Player, a free easy-to-use audio application

Since we are facing digitization of media items such as photos, music, videos, etc., a user-friendly media player is essential software. You can easily download music from the Internet, as well as listen to Internet radio. For those services it is good to have an installed application that enables you to completely manage music within your computer, both stored as a file or an online stream. By following several steps, you will learn how to install Crawler Media & MP3 Player, a free easy-to-use application.


  1. Open your Internet browser. Go to the Crawler Media & MP3 Player download page.
  2. Click on the “DOWNLOAD NOW” button. Save the file to your computer and open it.
  3. After the installer starts with its feature window, click the “Next” button.
  4. Now you should see the “License Agreement” page. Please read the “Terms of Use and End User License Agreement” and then click the “Agree & Install” button.
  5. When the process finishes, click the “Finish” button.
  6. The application will launch automatically. Now you can switch between the “MP3 Player” and the “Radio & Recording” tabs.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To save desktop space you can switch to the “Mini Mode” by clicking “View > Switch to Mini Mode.”
  • Record your favorite song or show by clicking the red record button in the navigation bar.
  • Change the mode of the player by clicking on the “Repeat” and “Shuffle” texts in the light blue main information pane.


  • Listening to online radio is a constant data transfer, so it may slow your Internet connection.


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