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How Do I Increase Battery Life on Windows Phone℠ 8

July 31, 2013  |  Difficulty: Medium

features which strongly affect battery life

Battery life is one the most discussed issues and problems related to smartphones. With most smartphones, the issue lies with applications running in the background, checking for updates and having default features on that drain the battery. It is smart to control these functions individually and decide what you need to have turned on.

General tips and tricks on how to extend a mobile phone’s battery life is discussed in a previous article. In this article, the focus is on Windows Phone℠ 8 devices, such as Nokia® Lumia® 920. Below are a list of features which strongly affect battery life and where to find their control settings.

Turning off battery-draining features:

  1. Wi-Fi Searching – turn it off
    Settings -> System -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced -> [Uncheck] "Notify me when new networks are found" / [Uncheck] "Send information about Wi-Fi connections to help discover nearby Wi-Fi"
  2. Tap + Send – turn it off
    Settings -> System -> Tap + Send -> [Turn Off] "NFC Sharing"
  3. Automatic Backups – turn it off
    Settings -> System -> Backup -> App list + Settings -> [Turn Off] each Backup option
  4. Background Running Apps – turn any unnecessary ones off
    Settings -> Applications -> Background Tasks -> [Block] any apps you like
  5. Email and Accounts – Change download new content frequency to the lowest you are comfortable with
    Settings -> System -> Email + accounts -> Tap on each account -> [Change] download new content.
  6. Phone Updates – turn them off
    Settings -> System -> Phone Update -> [Uncheck] automatically download updates…

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