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How Do I Increase Font Size of Firefox® Address Bar

April 17, 2013  |  Difficulty: Easy

firefox browser text size

As computer monitors increase their resolutions, the address bar in Internet browsers appears to be decreasing in size. In fact, the size of the address bar is still the same, but on larger screens it looks like an insignificant box and may make reading the URL difficult. Fortunately, there is an extension for the Firefox® browser that keeps the address bar’s appearance the same size regardless if the text font is resized.  This add-on also offers other features for better orientation, such as hiding labels, automatic search box collapse and disabling domain highlighting. In the instructions below, you can learn how to install the Better URL Bar© extension and enable this function in your Mozilla® Firefox® Internet browser.

 Install the Better URL Bar© add-on:

  1. Launch your Firefox® browser and go to the Better URL Bar© extension site.
  2. Click on the “+ Add to Firefox” button.
  3. When the software installation window pops up, click on the “Install Now” button.
  4. You are done and the address bar now has a larger font.

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