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How Do I Insert a Checkbox in Microsoft® Word

April 25, 2014  |  Difficulty: Easy

insert a checkbox in a document in Microsoft® Word 2013.

If you create an interactive document or feedback form in Microsoft® Word, you may need to insert a checkbox. The most common type of document that uses checkboxes is a questionnaire, which requires responses from readers. If you do not know how to insert a checkbox in a document in Microsoft® Word 2013, following the simple 5-step process outlined below.

Inserting a checkbox in Word® 2013:

  1. Launch a Microsoft® Word application.
  2. Enable the “Developer” tab in the ribbon. You can do this by:
    Right-clicking on the ribbon and selecting “Customize the Ribbon”. Now, enable the “Developer” ribbon by clicking its checkbox.
  3. Find the “’Developer” tab in the ribbon and click on it.
  4. Place the cursor in the document where you want to insert a checkbox.
  5. Click on the “Check Box Content Control” icon in the “Controls” section of the Developer tab.



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