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How Do I Install a S-ATA Optical Drive

February 17, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to install a new SATA optical drive

An optical drive is used less often today than it used to be. But software, movies and other data stored on optical media will still require an optical drive in a PC and it is priced relatively low. There are two types of optical drives that are generally used, the ATA (an older type) and the S-ATA (a newer type),  the main differences being their connection to the motherboard and form of data transfer. If the motherboard supports S-ATA, then buy this type, since the data transfer on it is faster. This article describes how to install a new SATA optical drive.      


  1. Unpack the optical drive from its box. The package should contain four screws as well.
  2. Turn off the computer.
  3. Remove both side covers from the computer case (usually the screws are at the rear side).
  4. Next si to prepare the optical drive position. Remove the metal cover from the inside of the case and then the plastic one. The metal cover is permanently removed, but the plastic cover has side locks on it so you can reuse it as needed.
  5. Insert the optical drive through the front panel of the case; place the drive so the connectors are inside and the doors face outside.
  6. Screw in the four screws into the holes on the side of the optical drive, so that it is secured within the metallic grooves.
  7. Plug the data S-ATA cable it into the motherboard and the drive.
  8. Then plug the power cable from the power source unit into the drive next to the data cable.
  9. Put the side covers back on and then you can turn the computer on.

Tips and tricks:

  • If you do not have a S-ATA connector on the power supply unit you should buy the ATA to S-SATA adapter, as it is inexpensive and commonly available.


  • This is a general technique, there are many manufacturers of computer cases and they sometimes change the way the drive is held and its installation. So the instructions above are only intended to be general and don’t apply for every case.
  • Before you buy the S-ATA optical drive make sure your motherboard has connectors for S-ATA devices.

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