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How Do I Know if My iPhone® is Unlocked

September 08, 2014  |  Difficulty: Easy

several methods you can use to test a iphone

Locking mobile phones to a specific operator is not what most customers want, but some mobile service operators still do it. Typically if you sign a contract with a network operator, you can buy a phone for less than the market value or sometimes even receive it free. However, these devices are usually locked by the manufacturer. This means customers are unable to use a SIM card from any other operator until the phone is unlocked.

Fortunately this practice is not as common as it once use to be, but you may still end up with a locked phone if, for example, you are buying one second hand. There are several methods you can use to test a phone to determine if it is locked before you buy it.

The basic method

The easiest way is to get a spare SIM card from a different network and try it in your phone. A few minutes after changing the SIM cards – you should reboot your iPhone® to be sure – you will see the new network name in the status bar if your phone is unlocked. If your phone is locked, you’ll get a pop-up error asking you to insert a valid SIM card.

The online method

If you can’t get a spare SIM card and want to know whether you’re locked or not, there’s a website that can help. IMEI.info can access a public database of IMEI codes which tracks which phones are locked or not. To use this service, you’ll need to obtain your iPhone’s IMEI code – which is a code that is unique to your device.

If you have a SIM card installed, you can see the IMEI code by dialing *#06#. You can also get the IMEI code via the Settings app by navigating to General >About and scrolling down.

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