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How Do I Know if My Samsung Galaxy®S4 is a Fake

March 10, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

determine if a phone is an original Samsung Galaxy® S4.

Samsung Galaxy® S4 is a very popular handset. Its high-end hardware specification and optimized Android™ software comes with reliable Samsung® support, making it highly desirable among cell phone users. Because of these features, many fake smartphones very similar to the original Galaxy S4 are being sold. Sometimes it’s easy to identify a clone. If it doesn’t have the Samsung® logo above the display, it probably isn’t a true Samsung®. But, to be honest, there are more and more skillfully designed phones hitting the market trying to mimic the Samsung Galaxy® S4. Fortunately, there are plenty of unique identifiers that can help you determine if a phone is an original Samsung Galaxy® S4. Listed below are specific features to look and test for when buying a second-hand S4.

Unique identifiers in a Samsung Galaxy® S4:

  1. Price - Fake Galaxy S4 phones will be listed at a much lower price than an original. Do some price comparisons before purchasing one.
  2. Weight - S4 pretenders are heavier, less compact and have different dimensions than the original.
  3. Samsung® brand – Visibly check the cover, battery and body of the handset. It should carry the Samsung® name.
  4. Operating System and Samsung TouchWiz® interface – S4 clones will most likely run Android™ 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich) without the Samsung® extension. Be sure to check the phone’s lock screen, which should have the iconic ripple effect from Samsung®. If not, it probably isn’t genuine.
  5. Applications – With an in-factory reset, which is usually done before reselling a phone, a real Samsung® phone will contain Samsung® apps. Look for them as well as the Google Play™ Store. Most replicas won’t have either listed.
  6. Hardware Parameters - Fake phones will probably have limited memory and its processor will be much less powerful. To find out if the phone you’re looking at is real or a replica, try running a benchmark test with the actual Galaxy S4 mark in mind.
  7. Check the IMEI – Simply dial * # 06 #. Now compare the number with the label on the battery. If the terminal numbers don’t match, it’s a fake.
  8. Connect it to a PC - If Kies doesn’t detect it, you probably have a fake Galaxy S4.
  9. Download mode – Check the phone’s legitimacy by trying to enter it in download mode.  Just press and hold the volume, home and power buttons down at the same time. If the phone then displays directly in a Chinese dialect, you know it isn’t real.

Samsung Galaxy® S4 Parameters:

The real Galaxy S4 




1920 x 768 pixels


Exynos 5 at 1.6 GHz or a Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1.9 GHz


2 GB

Internal storage:

16/32/64 GB

Android OS:

Android 4.2.2


2,600 mAh


13 MP back-facing, 2 MP front-facing


microSD slot

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