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How Do I Make Secure Payments and Online Transactions

September 22, 2011  |  Difficulty: Easy

How to enable phishing protection using WSG to prevent infection of your computer

Internet banking and shopping using a credit card, personal passwords, emails, etc. are online operations that involve giving your data to a third party. As more and more people use these online services, the potential for abusing this data grows, and can have terrible consequences. There are many ways for attackers to try to steal your secret information.

In the article that focuses on installation of Spyware Terminator 2012, there are mentioned spyware programs but phishing is another type you should be aware of. Generally, this sort of threat is more difficult for the typical PC user to recognize; the attackers usually send you fake information requests through email or other form of electronic communication. They can pretend to be your service provider or other service that appears trustworthy. For example, they can create a page similar to your bank’s website, and ask you for your credit card information, giving you what appears to be a valid reason. It is difficult to recognize these bogus web pages, as they are almost identical to legitimate ones.

You should be very careful when using your personal information on the Internet. You can install software that can warn you before accessing a website reported to be dangerous. This way, you can prevent infection of your computer and invasion of your privacy. In the article that focuses on avoiding dangerous search results, the effective tool Web Security Guard was mentioned. This article explains how to enable phishing protection using Web Security Guard.


  1. First, install Web Security Guard by following the steps in the article that focuses on avoiding dangerous search results.
  2. Open your Internet browser.
  3. In the Crawler Toolbar, click on the “Web Security Guard” dropdown menu and choose the “Settings” selection.
  4. After the Crawler Toolbar Settings window opens, switch to the “Anti-Phishing” tab.
  5. In the Anti-Phishing Protection area, select the “Enable” checkbox to activate Real-Time Protection.
  6. Click “OK” and restart your browser.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To improve your PC protection use automatic updates of the Web Security Guard database by clicking on the “Web Security Guard” dropdown menu in the toolbar under the “General Settings” tab. Select the “Automatically Download Updates” checkbox.


  • If you desire to visit a page that Web Security Guard blocks, you will be asked if you wish to enter. Be sure that the content of the page is safe for you to visit.


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