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How Do I Open Legendary Cards from Hearthstone Packs

September 15, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

opening packs hearthstone

If you are a hearthstone player you have probably already asked yourself if there is some kind of trick on how to open card packs more effectively. Believe me, that many people have tested many ways of opening the packs, and there are techniques such as holding a pack for a while then drop it or shake it for a while. To be honest, none of the techniques are 100% guaranteed of getting a legendary card, but we have found out one that brought us more rare, epic and finally legendary cards and I strongly recommend it to everyone to try it. The trick is quite simple - you just drag the card pack on a curve similar to the Hearthstone logo, by simply doing it in one fluent move into the center of the symbol. See the image below.

Opening hearthstone pack trick

open pack trick


Sprince legend open

sylvanas legend open

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