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How Do I Quickly Search Through Files in Total Commander©

June 15, 2012  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to use extended search function quickly and effectively

Users working with files and folders daily usually facilitate this using specialized software generally called “file commanders”. There are many applications for this purpose such as Total Commander©, FreeCommander© and SpeedCommander©,. Software like these have well-developed basic data functions, one very often used function is “Search”. Although search can performed using the search box in Windows®, the file commander application is faster with full text search capability and is  a detailed tool. The instructions below show you how to use this search function quickly and effectively, and are applicable on the majority of available commanders not only Total Commander©.

How to search quickly using File Commanders:

  1. Launch Total Commander© (or other similar file commander).
  2. In the active window go to the folder where you want to search.
  3. Press “Alt + F7” on your keyboard.
  4. Enter the query to the “Search For” (“File name”).
  5. In “Search In” you can see the location where the search will be performed.
  6. Click on the “Start Search” button, the list of results will be displayed below the search options, you can click on the file and go to its location directly in the search window.


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