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How do I Record and Share Mobile Gameplay

July 23, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

sharing your gameplays on the Internet

Mobile games have become very popular and if you are one of the people who likes recording and sharing your gameplays on the Internet, then we have  very good news for you. This is now available on devices with the Android operating system. Kamcord application is able to record your display screen and in addition, your voice.

Everything is very easy and intuitive. There is no need to set some complicated features and properties, just download, install the application and everything is ready. Unfortunately, it does not offer live streaming like the similar and very popular service – Twitch. However, this feature should be available in one of the next updates. Next, some unpleasant information for users with an older Android version, is the system requirements of this application -  it is only available  for Android 5.0 lollipop and higher. Unfortunately, this version of android is generally installed on only about 15% of devices.

If you have a tablet or smartphone with this android version you can simply install the Kamcord – Game Screen Recorder and enjoy sharing your gameplay with your friends.

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