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How Do I Root Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)

June 08, 2015  |  Difficulty: Easy

rooting process of Samsung Galaxy S4

Rooting any smartphone is quite a complicated and sometimes dangerous thing to do. You should be aware of all risks such as voiding the warranty of the handset. On the other hand if you desire a different ROM or version of the operating system than the manufacturer offers you then you do not have any other way than to root the phone and install a new ROM. Below are all the steps that you should do to finish the rooting process using Odin and CWM.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy S4 instructions:

  1. Power off your Galaxy S4 and hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together for about 5 seconds.
  2. When you see the warning screen, let go of all buttons then hit the Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download mode.
  3. Connect a micro-USB cable from your Galaxy S4 to your computer.
  4. Next, download CWM recovery for your Galaxy S4. ClockworkMod is currently available for GT-i9500, Sprint SPH-L720, and T-Mobile SGH-M919 models.
    Also download ODIN, Samsung USB Drivers, and SuperSU Zip files.
  5. Unzip ODIN and run the odin3 v1.85.exe file by double-clicking on it.
    If you see a yellow highlighted box like shown below, you are good to go, if not, double-click on the Samsung USB drivers EXE file you downloaded earlier and install the drivers, then unplug/re-plug the micro-USB cable to your phone. You should see the yellow highlighted box.
    Next, choose PDA, then browse to the CWM recovery you downloaded earlier for your Galaxy S4. (It's a file ending in .tar) Hit Start to begin flash CWM recovery to your phone.
  6. This will flash a custom CWM recovery to your Galaxy S4 and your phone will reboot.
    If you see “PASS!” that means everything went successfully.
  7. Next, after your phone reboots, copy the SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier to anywhere on your Galaxy S4.
  8. Power off your Galaxy S4 then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together.
  9. When you see the Samsung logo, keep holding down Volume Up and Center Home buttons but let go of the Power button.
  10. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.
  11. Choose “choose zip from sdcard” and hit the Power button.
  12. Choose “0/” directory and hit the Power button.
  13. Browse and find the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier and hit the Power button.
  14. Choose “Yes” and hit the Power button.
  15. This will install su binaries and SuperSU superuser app on your phone. This essentially “roots” your Galaxy S4.
  16. Go back to main menu and choose “reboot system now”, then hit Power button. Your Galaxy S4 will reboot.
  17. Once rebooted, you should find SuperSU app in your app drawer.
  18. Run the SuperSU app once and update the binaries.
  19. You can verify you have full root by downloading and opening rooted app like Titanium Backup app (which I highly recommend for backing up/freezing/un-installing your apps).

You should see a Superuser request window pop-up!

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