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How Do I Root Samsung Galaxy® S4 Mini

October 07, 2013  |  Difficulty: Medium

how to root your Samsung Galaxy® S4

Anyone interested in mobile phone technology knows the Samsung Galaxy® smartphones series. The latest one is the Samsung Galaxy® S4 and even more recently its smaller brother the Samsung Galaxy® S4 Mini. Though compact, the Samsung Galaxy® S4 Mini boasts a powerful performance, equipped with a 1.7GHz dual core processor that allows users to quickly and easily perform data intensive tasks. This mini phone is perfect for those wanting Galaxy S4 features in a more compact size. Plus, the Galaxy S4 Mini can be rooted. Read the instructions below to learn how to root your mini.

Rooting Samsung Galaxy® S4 Mini:

  1. Download the necessary zipped file needed for rooting and unzip it.
  2. Launch the Odin 3 rooting software (you can download it here).
  3. Click on the “PDA” button in the “Files [Download]” section and locate the unzipped file in your computer.
  4. Put the phone into download mode (Volume Down + Home + Power buttons, and then click on Volume Up).
  5. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cord and wait for Odin to detect it.
  6. Click on Start.


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